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Inspiring Stories

Postby giepie » Fri Aug 02, 2013 6:27 pm

Have you got a nice story to tell? Perhaps something happened in your own life. You are welcome to share it here :)
--- Giepie Delport
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Re: Inspiring Stories

Postby giepie » Tue Aug 06, 2013 4:40 pm

Dankie Ansie Beets vir jou mooi boodskap op BBM. Ek heg hom aan:

Skepper of skepping?
Dirk Taljaard
Eksodus 20:3Jy mag naas My geen ander gode hê nie.
Die eerste gebod gaan oor WIE aanbid behoort te word: net God. Alles en almal anders is (af)gode. En ʼn definisie van ʼn afgod is om in die plek van die Here iets te versin of iets te hê waarop jy jou vertroue plaas.
Miskien kan ons ons so maklik verontskuldig deur te sê dat ons nie allerhande vorms, soos die ou afgode, het nie. Maar dink bietjie mooi: watter ‘beeld’ van God het jy in jou kop? Hoe stel jy Hom vir jou voor? Want baie van ons dink in prentjies. Al hierdie idees perk Hom in. En soos ons Hom voorstel, so is Hy vir ons…. Omdat ons in menslike terme oor Hom dink, hanteer ons Hom ook so.
Soms is die Here vir ons soos ʼn spaarwiel. Jy weet Hy’s daar, maar jy dink net oor Hom wanneer jy in die nood is. Ander kere wil ons half ‘sy arm draai’ om te kry wat ons graag wil hê. Dan probeer ons Hom manipuleer om ons sin te kry. Ander kere worstel ons onsself moeg om probleme op te los, terwyl ons die Here eenkant toe skuif.
Sekere dinge kan so belangrik raak, dat al ons tyd, energie en geld daarheen gekanaliseer word. Die skepping word dan belangriker as die Skepper! Dink bietjie: hoeveel tyd spandeer jy aan jou werk, jou gesin, jou ontspanning in vergelyking met jou eie stiltetyd? Sit jy elke dag ʼn tydjie opsy om sorg te dra vir jou eie en jou gesin se geestelike groei en ontwikkeling? Wanneer jy ʼn belangrike besluit moet neem, wat is die beginsels wat die swaarste weeg: die praktyk van jou alledaagse bestaan, of die wil van die Here?
Indien ons Hom erken en bely as Here, dan raak ons eie behoeftes en wil en wense ondergeskik aan syne. Dan soek en vra ons na sy wil. Dan word dit ons passie, ongeag die konsekwensies. Dan maak die opinies van mense nie regtig saak nie. En dan wil ons mense met ons saamneem op hierdie reis.
Here, ek bely U as die enigste, ware God. Amen.
--- Giepie Delport
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Re: Inspiring Stories

Postby giepie » Tue Aug 06, 2013 5:37 pm

English version (thanks Ansie):

God and God alone
Dirk Taljaard
Reading from Scripture
Exodus 20: 3Worship no god but Me.
The very first commandment is an instruction as to WHO should be worshipped: God, and God alone. Everything and everybody else, if worshipped, become idols. That is what the definition of idolatry states:
… instead of the one true God …. to devise or have something else on which to place our trust. 
We may try to exonerate ourselves by thinking that we do not have idols similar to those referred to in the Bible. But what ‘image’ of God do you have? How do you picture Him? Many of us
think in pictures. All of these limit Him. The way we picture Him, determines reality for us. And that could also translate into the way we treat Him. 
Many a times we treat God as a spare wheel. He’s there, but only remembered when in need. Sometimes we try and ‘twist his arm’ to get what we want. We try to manipulate Him into surrendering to our wishes. On the other hand, we often worry ourselves into a state to find solutions to challenges, whilst He is left to be an onlooker.
Many things become so important that all of our energy, time and money get channelled down those avenues. Creation becomes more important than the Creator! Just think for a moment: how much time do you invest into your work, your family, your recreation, compared to the time spent in quiet time with God? Do you also invest time into spiritual growth for yourself and your family? Which principles come into play whenever you need to take an important decision: your own situation, or the will of God?
When we proclaim Him to be Lord of our lives, our own needs and wants and wishes start playing second fiddle to His. We then seek his kingdom and his will. We are filled with a new passion, irrespective of the consequences. People’s opinions do not matter anymore. Our desire is to take as many people as possible along with us on this journey.
Lord, I put my trust in You, alone. Amen.
--- Giepie Delport
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Re: Inspiring Stories

Postby SassySandy » Tue Aug 06, 2013 7:45 pm

When Is My Burden Yours?

Galatians 6:1–10

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.
Galatians 6:2

People who work with ocean-going ships will tell you that it’s critical to check the way the cargo load is distributed in the vessel. If the cargo is too heavy, the ship will ride too low in the water and won’t be able to travel at a good speed. If the load is too light, the ship will ride too high in the water and bob like a cork, especially when storms hit. The ship needs the proper amount of cargo for it to make the best progress across the ocean.

Life works like that for Christians too. When our burdens are too heavy, we can become so depressed and weary that we can hardly do our work, much less be a testimony of God’s grace to others. When our burdens are too light, we find it difficult to empathize with others who are carrying a heavy load, or we find ourselves aimless and restless. We need the proper balance between load carrying and load sharing to progress in our Christian walk.

Paul knew this. By commanding us to share each other’s burdens, he was echoing Jesus’ words: “A new command I give you: Love one another” (John 13:34). The apostle warns us not to question the loads of others, thinking we’re better than they are because we don’t have their particular problems. “If anyone thinks they are something when they are not, they deceive themselves,” he said (Galatians 6:3). Instead, Paul tells us to examine ourselves, pick up our own loads and help others when we are called to do so.

When we look at problems in marriage, we see the same principle in place: If one spouse is sinking under a load of guilt, troubles or sin, while the other is bobbing around with seemingly no concern, anger and resentment will build. An unbalanced load will only stress and slow down the marital relationship. So to keep moving together in the right direction, we must remain firmly yoked together as we lovingly share each other’s problems and do what we can to help each other deal with them.

But what do we do when our problems become too heavy for the two of us to carry? There may come a time when we need to look for help from others outside the marriage. When we feel overwhelmed by severe problems such as sexual addiction, alcohol abuse or clinical depression, it’s time to get help. Going to a Christian doctor, counselor or pastor is not taking the easy way out—for some, admitting a problem in the marriage is an agonizing first step. But it is a necessary step for many couples that need help adjusting to life’s problems, to a family crisis or simply to each other.

One caution: It is tempting to turn to friends, family and coworkers to vent our marital problems. This is rarely a good idea. Problems inside a marriage can almost never be solved by taking them outside the marriage, unless it’s to a qualified professional. Letting too many people know about our marital struggles just burdens us with the responsibility of keeping others updated. It may force friends or family members to side with one spouse while distancing themselves from the other. And it will drain emotional energy from a marital relationship. Offering our spouses privacy within the marital relationship will keep trust in each other intact and will demonstrate our continued love and respect for each other as we learn better ways of sharing our load.
Valerie Van Kooten

Let’s Talk
•What burdens have each of us had to shoulder in our marriage? What burdens have we weathered together?
•What are some practical ways we can help each other manage the burdens we are carrying right now?
•How can we help others who are struggling with marital problems? What are some cautions to exercise in doing that?
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